Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's not Broken. The Sun is Behind the Moon. It's a Solar Eclipse. It's Literally the Darkest Day in Fire Nation History

Recently the Internets told us we could see a solar eclipse if we were looking at the right time and...you know...didn't actually look. Drek constructed some very fancy technology so we could watch without damaging our eyes: 

Very cool:

It wasn't a full eclipse, which might explain why we weren't attacked by vampires, or a Kraken, or invaders of any sort. But it was still exciting in it's own way.


  1. You had to be in S. Utah to see the whole thing. H's parents went.

  2. We got to see a fair chunk of it until clouds ruined the fun. One of our neighbors apparently owns a pretty powerful telescope which they aimed at the sun and then put a paper near the looking lens. It gave a similar reflection to using two pieces of paper, but the image of the sun was about the size of a CD (a little smaller).

    The coolest part in my mind was I actually could see a sunspot.

    Also the eclipse. I'd never seen one before.


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