Monday, April 02, 2012

Well, Let Me See. Oh Yes, Lovely. Lembas Bread. And Look! More Lembas Bread

The 182nd annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was Saturday and Sunday.

Once again we pitched our tent round about the computer. And once again I wanted to only eat food our of our 72-hour kits during the 48 hours of General Conference. This time it went much better. Last October, after discovering MRE's were not delicious, I went to the grocery store to find good I could cram into a backpack and eat six months down the road. I wanted food that was not only tasty, but also healthy (in this case, "healthy" means no MSG or HFCS). I wanted food that I after eating for 42-72 hours, would not make me feel sick or starving. This is my report:

Breakfast on Saturday was Pop Tarts and R.W. Knudsen Juice boxes. The poptars were tasty, but very sugary. I think they are more desert than breakfast. Maybe when I restock I should go with more fruit bar type stuff.  The juice box was a huge hit with both my taste buds and with Ash. I will definitely restock that one.

Lunch was the St. Dalfour Ready to Eat Gourmet on the Go meals. I was very excited when I found those on the shelf at my local health food store.  They have vegetarian and non- vegetarian options, they don't expire until 2013 and they come with a fork. It's perfect for 72-hour kits. I got one of each flavor and we taste tested them today. I'll re stock our favorite ones.

Dinner was the Pacific organic Poblano Pepper and Corn soup. It was actually very tasty. We heated it up and Drek and I split one box. I will get that again and also add some sort of crackers.

Snacks were Lara Bars and chocolate coconut milk. When I restock I'd like to add dried fruits and almonds.

Breakfast on Sunday was one i was excited about: cold cereal! It comes in it's own bowl so I just had to pack a spoon. Horizon organic milk comes in little juice boxes that you don't have to refrigerate so we just poured it straight into our bowls. There was enough milk in one little juice box for two bowls. That't a perfect 72-hour kit meal!

Lunch was more Gourmet on the Go and Pacific soups (by this time we were hungry). Dinner was MRE's we had left over from October's conference.

Around five our wonderful friends came over and brought us delicious fresh-made brownies. By this point we were all ecstatic to see "real food". Those brownies were the best brownies I have ever eaten.

I think I'm on the right track with my 72-hour kits. The next step is to go the store, get everything on my "restock" list and see if I can't get some more good ideas. Any suggestions?


  1. If there's ever an emergency where you need your 72 hour kits for real, you're going to be a lot more hungry than if you were just watching Conference. Our 72 hour kits hold a lot more than 72 hours worth of food, because while we may be stuck in a shelter, we may also be bugging out and walking 50 miles a day and then our bodies will need the calories.

    Poptarts. I buy them when I am trying not to buy cookies. They are basically breakfast cookies and they are delicious. I can't have htem in my house anymore or I eat the whole stupid box.

  2. Mmmmmmmmmm...breakfast cookies.

  3. I found tuna in little pouches that you just rip open with no water or oil to get all messy, and no can opener required. With crackers, thats an okay snack. We also have V8 with that meal to add some more nutrirnts. I like the cereal thing...didnt know you could do that!

  4. Fruit bars often have as much sugar as pop tarts; so does granola, so watch them. That said, the granola bars might have nuts which makes them a slightly healthier choice.

  5. I found those Tuna pouches! Thanks to you, they are now in our 72-hour kits!


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