Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Trying To Make Breastfeeding Normal Part 2

Back in October I went to a baby shower with a Breastfeeding Basket for the mom. I love the idea of a Breastfeeding Basket; giving a gift that is actually useful at a baby shower, normalizes breasfeeding, supports the mother and so on, but after I gave the gift my self-confidence dropped and I wasn't sure it was such a good idea.

I posted about it and you, wonderful readers, really helped me with your comments. So much so that I went to another baby shower last week and once again made a Breastfeeding Basket as a gift. In this basket I included a little baby shower greeting card with a list inside of why I gave her all this random stuff:

Dear (Mother's name), 
 Congratulations!! I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world! I wanted to get you a Breasfeeding Basket because nothing I can get your new little one is as good as what you can give them. First, the basket. Just keep it stocked with water, snacks and books so you can move it around with you whenever your little one gets hungary, then you’ll have what you need within reach! 
Water: Make sure you stay hydrated! Not only will it make you feel more energetic, keep you healthier and slim you down faster, but it helps with milk production! 
Mother’s Milk Tea: Just in case you have supply difficulties. You can also try Fenugreek pills or sprinkle Brewer’s Yeast on your food. 
Luna Bars: Just a little snack in case you get hungry while nursing! 
Motherlove Nipple Cream: This stuff was a lifesaver for me! 
Booby Tubes: I didn't hear about them until after my baby, but I hear they are wonderful! 
All my love, 
-K La

I didn't include Fenugreek pills in this basket like I did the last one for a few reasons: one, the last mother was planning on a C-section, which can cause milk production problems. This mother was't planning a C-section. Second, I don't really feel comfortable giving pills as gifts and third, I don't want to cause milk production problems by predicting milk production problems.

I think next time I do a breasfeeding basket I'll include a book or some sort for entertainment while nursing. I should finds a good book on Breastfeeding. Any suggestions?


  1. I love that you are a big advocate of breastfeeding--and this post got me thinking about our short exchange the other day. (Pet peeves) I was wondering if maybe I should start going coverless when I'm around people next time I have a baby and am breastfeeding.
    Here's the problem: (other than the fact that my father-in-law turns bright red when my hubby talks about breastfeeding, and says, "can't you call it 'nursing' instead?") My breasts have a sexual function and a functional function. People do not have a on/off switch when it comes to distinguishing the two. God didn't design us that way. My exposed breast, whether it be cleavage or with a baby over most of it, will always make most people feel uncomfortable, because it is a private area of my body. Maybe another example: my husband has a penis, which has a sexual function and a functional function, which is to eliminate waste products from his body so his body can work properly. This is a beautiful, natural thing. Yet I don't want him leaving the door open when he uses the bathroom while my family is visiting. I want him to keep that part of his body private because of its dual nature.
    I know this is off topic of your post, but I wanted you to understand why someday down the road I will annoy you :) I'm not hiding, trying to suffocate my child, think breastfeeding is bad, or think it's socially unacceptable. I guess I just don't want random people to see that much of a sexual area of my body, even when I'm using it for a beautiful and functional thing like breastfeeding...nursing...breastfeeding. (Not that the sexual purpose isn't beautiful and natural too..have I talked enough about body parts for one day?)

  2. What a wonderful comment! First, let me say, if ever I see a women using the nursing cover, I am annoyed at society, not the mother. I understand the mother. So, if down the road you chose to use a cover, you will not annoy me, it will just make me want to be a bigger advocate. ;)
    Second, I thought this was very well written:

    Third, Yes, people (read: men) CAN distinguish between a sexual breast and a functional breast. Is a man turned on by a women's mouth when a woman is using her mouth in a sexual way? Yes. Is a man turned on by a women's mouth when a women is using it in a functional way? No. A man knows that a mouth has a functional purpose and a sexual purpose. We need to teach men that is the same with breasts.
    THAT is WHY I am such a big advocate. In our society, Men have only seen breasts used sexually. They see it every day: low cut shirts of someone walking down the street, TV commercials, billboards, magazine covers,internet sites... Men desperately NEED to see breasts used functionally.
    Just like the article says, the way men saw woman wearing pants as non-sexual, was by women wearing pants.
    Women need to see women breastfeed so THEY can breastfeed.
    Girls need to see women breastfeed to they can understand more about themselves.
    Boys need to see women breastfeed so they can learn to respect a women's body.
    Men need to see women breastfeed so they can combat the pornography epidemic and the oversexualization of women in our society.

  3. Idk..I don't think I'm convinced...I still think my boobs are my own private business, and yours are your business...but I still want to be there to see the look on Dad's face when you whip yours out in front of him someday to breastfeed your next child!

  4. Kayla, I am glad I know you and that you advocate for what you believe in.


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