Sunday, April 15, 2012

She's Exhausted from the Days Work. Uh, Not That it Was to Much, We, We Quite Enjoyed It...

Happy Passover! Okay, so it's not Passover. I think it ended yesterday, but that might not be accurate. I really wanted to celebrate it this year (It's an entire holiday devoted to my favorite Bible story!) and picked yesterday to celebrate (since I don't know how how to make a celebration weeks long) but I was too tired yesterday. I did it today instead. Hooray!

First off, I am not Jewish. Sadly, I don't know any Jewish people I can ask for help (or invite myself over to their party) and I've never been to a real Jewish Passover, so I had to rely on my books for information:

Yeah, those are children's picture books. So what? They were helpful.

With these books as my guide, I looked up Passover recipes online, then traditional Jewish recipes, then vegetarian Passover recipes. It was an adventure. At first I was surprised that so many people suggested Challah (pronounced Halla!) because I thought you weren't supposed to have any chometz, which I thought was yeast. I looked up the wiki on Chometz and still can't tell you what it is, but the important thing is it's not yeast. I suppose there might be a downside to the simplicity of my resources.

The whole thing required me learning a lot of new words:

Kugel, Matzo soup, charoset (which is amazingly delicious) hard boiled eggs, and just look at how beautiful my Challah turned out! 

This is my first attempt at Jewish food. I think it went well! We even had Matzo brie for breakfast! 

This was our sedar plate: 

I read that vegetarians can use a roasted beet instead of a shank bone and that it is even more effective because it has more blood. I also forgot the lettuce and didn't have any horseradish. sigh.

But dinner went great! And then we watched the Prince of Egypt. Next year in Jerusalem!


  1. All of a sudden I have an urge to watch Fiddler on the Roof! ;)

  2. Someday when I find it I'll send you the copy of the passover seder I got in my Bible as Lit class. It explains a lot of the symbolism from the point of view of looking forward to the Messiah.

  3. I recognize those plates! :-D

    One of the other bridesmaids is Jewish (and I've had Passover dinner with her!), so you'll definitely have to chat with her about it this weekend!

    Can't wait to see you!!

  4. Lynn, that is so cool! What a great book!

    Dnatheory, Great! I can't wait, although I was already pretty excited about this weekend! See you in 5 days!

  5. to dnatheory: I so wish I could be there. I guess J is representing our family this time around.

    to K-LA, it's on paper, just a handout really. I'm on a massive, year-long organizing project that will probably take me 16 month!--but anyway, if I come across it I'll make you a copy.

    also, children's books: they are great with the pictures; I have used them a lot for college research papers, especially in history.


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