Sunday, October 02, 2011

They Pitched their Tents Round About the Temple, Every Man Having his Tent With the Door Thereof Towards the Temple

We just finished a wonderful General Conference weekend! True to the form of King Benjamin, we set up our tent facing the prophet. 

It was set up inside out living room, and by facing the prophet I mean facing the computer, but it worked out quite nicely: 

I had a grand idea to live off of nothing but our 72-hour kits during the 48 hours of General Conference, but after the first two meals I discovered something starteling: MRE's are gross. Which is good to know. I now have a shopping list of what we need in our kits (things like forks) and what we need to replace (MRE's with edible food). Not that the MRE's aren't fantastic food storage, I just think if we are ever in need of our 72-hour kits, we'll want comfort food, not survival food.

I thought Conference was especially amazing this year, and the announcement of a second temple in Provo is particularly exciting! I can't wait for the talks to be uploaded to so I can listen to them again!


  1. What a wonderful idea! Wish I had thought of that when the boys were small. Make an adventure out of conference.

    I stayed awake through all four sessions! My knitting helps! I'm almost done with R's b-day gift. Do you follow that blog? I'll be posting it after the 12th.

  2. That is such a good idea. I may steal it in future!

  3. All talks are up on in pdf and audio format. I also think they are up in video too.
    You should make this a family tradition!


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