Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Been Momentarily Misplaced...

I found my keys; they were in my apron. They must have been there since the last yard sale. I also found ten dollars and a bunch of coins. Hooray! 

Today I went to the zoo. I took a backpack filled with snacks and water. We saw a few animals: 

I took my phone out to check the time. I rearranged a few things and we headed off again. While Ash was occupied at the playground, I searched for my phone once again. I could not find it. I searched through every pocket, dumped out all contents and repacked it, but there was no sign of my phone. I sighed, thinking it had to be by the gorillas. I was too lazy to walk back there, so we just came home.

During lunch I heard my phone ring. It was coming from my backpack. I quickly dumped everything out to find it. As it turns out my phone had buried itself in my bag of chips.

Mmmmm, cell chips.


  1. LOL I love cell chips!

  2. I love the giraffe pic. In the Hogle zoo, they are always in the giraffe house. I guess they have a yard, but it's small. The nice thing about the giraffe house is that you can get up close and personal. I think K's love of giraffes is based on his early visit to the zoo, about age two.

  3. Cell chips! My favorite! Maybe your mircos need a little bit more chips to em! hahaha I'm not that funny am I?


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