Sunday, March 13, 2011

C'mon. Let's Go See How Much We're Going for on eBay

I held my very first yard sale ever yesterday. It went well, I think. Since we live in an apartment, I put all the stuff on the corner of the apartment complex, which is on a main road, so we had a lot of people stop. It was a nice warm day and the sun was shining so much that I got pretty sunburned. It was a good way to spend a morning.

I sold my stuffed animal skunk collection. I've been collecting stuffed animal skunks ever since I decided the skunk was my favorite animal. I had just under twenty different skunks. I only kept a few: one is a puppet that I thought Ash would like, one is a skunk costume that comes in handy every halloween and two are little glass skunk figurines that my mom had when she was a child. I sold all the rest. They were sold to different but all of them sold. The last two to be sold were my favorite two. I had them priced higher than the rest. A little girl around six years old saw them and asked her grandma for them. She only had two dollars, which was the price of one of them, but I sold them both to her for two dollars. She seemed really excited. It was very "Toy Story 3" moment for me. I hope she takes good care of them. I hope they are happy with her, since with me they only take up space in the bottom of the toy bin and never get played with.


  1. I should really sell my stuffed tiger collection . . . it is HUGE. They are all in boxes at my parents house but I spent so many years collecting them I can't bear to get rid of them!

  2. YOU SOLD YOUR SKUNKS?!?!?!!? The world IS coming to an end. Wow.

    I still have 70% of my stuffed wolves. They are in storage for when Toby decides he likes stuffed animals. I did sell my Breyer horses on eBay a few years ago and not a day goes by where I don't regret it. Toby would have loved playing with those horses, and I miss them. I'm glad I had a picture of them so I can look back from time to time. When I shipped them to the buyer, I put in a note that said "please take good care of these horses, they mean a lot to me" or something like that.

    But then again one of my many many quirks is that I believe all stuffed/toy animals have feelings...

  3. I...can't. I see Toy Story and I think, "My toys are happy here. They don't get played with but they have free reign of my room and a good view on that shelf." I can't bear with the thought that they'd miss me.

    Unless all my toys hate me and write me a note begging to go. Then I could get rid of them. It's up to them, really.

  4. You got rid of your skunks?!!! Now what am I going to get for your birthday?


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