Friday, August 31, 2007

I Am Sending This Tomorrow!!

I am writing this letter because I am hoping you can restore my faith in Target. I believe registering at any store should be a positive experience for the customer, because they are bringing money into the store, however, registering at Target was anything but positive.
In April, I signed up for your bridal registry at the Orem, UT Target. My fiance and I arrived at the store, and after wasting half an hour in the Customer Service line, were informed that “The kiosks are broken and we don’t know how to fix them.” We asked if they had a time frame of when they would be working again, and the only answer was “Just try back later, sorry.” A week later we did go back to the same store, and found the kiosks were working. We registered for our upcoming wedding, and left.
In July I returned to the Orem, UT Target to return a cartload of gifts. Again, I waited in line for over half an hour. When I was finally being helped, the girl asked if I had my printout. When I informed I did not, she told me that I needed to print out my list on the kiosk, and then get back in line. I did so, and spent another fifteen minutes in line. When I was finally being helped again, she asked to see my drivers licence. I had left this in the car, so she told me I needed to go get my licence, and then get back in line. By this time I was highly irritated, but did as she instructed. Finally the girl took my items and began scanning them. When she was done, she handed me a receipt and said I had one hour to spend MY money, and I could only purchase items in a certain section of the store. I was very confused, as Bed Bath and Beyond had put my returned gifts on a gift card that never expired, and I could buy anything in the store. I asked the girl why this was and she shrugged and said “the things weren’t on your registry. Which, of course, I knew. If I had been given gifts off my registry I would not be returning them.
I went to the designated area I was allowed to shop in and was disappointed to find that I did not need anything from that section of the store. I had been married two weeks, and we were in desperate need of food, sandwich bags and tinfoil, but none of these products were available for me to spend MY money on.
I want you to know that I am extremely disappointed with Target, and unless something can be done to rectify this situation, I will not ever set foot in a Target store again and I will recommend that others do not either. I have many friends who are also getting married, and would like to be able to recommend Target as a place to register, but right now, my opinion is dead set against it. I will recommend Bed Bath and Beyond, which went far beyond the extra mile with my bridal registry, and Wal-Mart, which took all of the gifts I was going to return to Target, but did not because of the horrible experience I had. Wal Mart gave me a gift card that never expires, and I can buy anything in the store.
I am so upset with the service and the policies of your store. I took all the gift cards that I was given to target and sold them so I would not have to go back. Before this experience, I much preferred Target over Wal Mart, but now it seams Target has sunk to new lows and Wal Mart has stepped up to be the hero.

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