Thursday, September 06, 2007

Work and more work

Tuesday I worked for eleven hours.

Way to early in the morning, I had to be over at BYU to steal college student’s money. Let me explain, I am a cashier in the text book department of the university. BYU pays me to sell books that students don’t want, for classes they don’t want to take, with money they don’t have. And the whole time I’m thinking: This is amazing!! What a brilliant scam!! It’s not even illegal!! These kids have to buy these books no matter what the cost or how much they don’t care about the content in the book. For instance, Chemistry 101 is a general class. Everyone must take chemistry (unless they opt with an equal credit but anyways). The Chemistry text book that the students must have is $119.00 There is an optional textbook students can purchase for $59.00. Also required, is something called an iclicker, which will allow students to take the quizs. iclickers are $35.35. So these students are shelling out money even if they have no interest in learning chemistry, or taking chemistry quizzes. They have no choice. The avergae bill was around $200. The most was $800. the second worst was $600. Both of those were for one individual's books, for one semester. Ouch.

After my shift ended there, I went to my fulltime job, and worked for six hours. I also got my paycheck and relized my boss has no intention of giving me the pay raise he promised, or of giving me the bonus “all” employees earn when the store does really well in a month. In fact, he’s just keeping me around becasue he dosn’t have to pay me hardly anything. This was a very disheartening relization, however, I did rethink my options, and a new career move is in progress thanks to my wonderful and brilliant husband.

Wednesday was more work on in the textbook department, and then it was off to Walmart, to work out a gift card issue. I had returned items to Walmart in exchange for a $90 gift card, but when I went to use the gift card the cashier informed me there was only $15 on it. She even double checked for me. So I had called Walmart, and they informed me to come in to customer service. I finally made it in yesterday, and spent an hour with the guy, trying to work it out. Finally, after searching the entirety of the Walmart computer database (which still runs on DOS by the way) he informed me that I either needed a receipt or the gift card for him to do anything. I FINALLY found the card and presented it to him. he scanned it to put the money on it and, lo and behold, it already had the money on it. All that and it turns out that the cashier just didn’t know how to use a gift card.

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