Friday, August 17, 2007

Why I Love Being Married

I was quite panicked to be married. So panicked, in fact, that I hyperventilated in the Celestial room right before I was sealed. Why was I afraid? Oh, the usual. Because 50% marriages fail, because I was young, because I still has some issues/baggage, because I was afraid of commitment, afraid of being stuck, because it was so permanent and such a life changing thing, and because we always fear the unknown.

After being married over a month, I wonder why I was so panicked. I love being married.
I love having my best friend around all the time. I love falling asleep snuggled up next to someone. I love waking up next to someone, I love eating breakfast with someone, I love making dinner for someone, I love knowing that the someone will always be there, and not having to worry about getting too close or what will happen if/when they leave.

I think it makes all the difference who you are married to. I happen to be married to the best husband in the entire world. It is so much fun to come home and find the trash taken out and a big kiss waiting for you. It is so much fun to stick love notes in his lunch, and find a love note stuck in the door.

I know we're still in the "honeymoon" stage, but I think I am going to say in this stage for a very long time. Maybe until eternity.

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