Thursday, June 15, 2006

She wants a car that will get her there

After some waiting I finally received a car from my Aunt and Uncle. I love them both dearly, and a year and a half ago they decided to fix up their old car for me. This car is now in my possession. I love it.

It's very old, a 91, and it's quite ragged. All it really needs is time and money. I decided to name the car Ferrall. So there you have it, Ferrall is doing quite splendidly.

I named him that because he's wild, and because He comes from the Ferrall side of my family. I've always wanted to be a Ferrall girl, with the skinny ankles, the long tapered fingers, the red hair and the firery personality to match. I decided If I can't be a Ferrall, at least my car can; Which I know makes no sense whatsoever, but it works.

Yesterday Bradley and I went on a mission to make Ferrall beautiful. We bought him seat covers, a steering wheel cover (That is oh-so-soft!) and hubcaps. Bradley was so patient with me the whole time. Afterward we went through a car wash and scrubbed him clean. Afterward I vacuumed his insides while Bradley put on the hubcaps.

Voila! Ferrall is the most gorgeous cars on the road! He just needs minor improvements from here on out.

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  1. Pratticus6:22 AM

    I will have to meet this fine Ferrall some day...indeed.


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