Monday, June 19, 2006

Anything for laugh

Friday was Free Freeze Pop Day. This involved us sitting out on BYU campus with a sign, lawn chairs, and a cooler full of dry ice, Sobes, and of course, Freeze Pops. The idea was anyone could get a freeze pop if they made us laugh.

We laughed at:
an EFY counselor perform two ridiculous dancers with his kids
An EFY group perform an entire skit
Two girls doing a clapping/slapping routine they had known since sixth grade
Kids walking on their knees
A full stand up routine
countless jokes and embarrassing moments. Here are the highlights:

An EFY EMT recalled how the counselors decided to turn the service project into a race. All of them ran up to get the supplies for their groups. The grabbed handfuls of blankets and (oops) scissors. Unfortunately, some of the scissors were open. The EMT got called and sent to the bathroom where she found blood EVERYWHERE! On the mirrors, the sinks, the floor, the door handles, the walls. She asked who was hurt, around eight counselors responded: ME!

A Couple recounted how he had "lost" the car for four days. They thought it had been stolen and reported it to the police. As it turns out he had just parked it and forgot about it.

A boy trying to impress the ladies was riding his bike in front of the yard the girls were standing in. A little dog barked at him and he turned to shoo it away. He turned around and ran smack into a mailbox.

Did you know that Helen Keller had a dollhouse?
Neither did she.

A boy with a wooden eye goes to a dance and sees a way hot girl with a wooden leg. He asks her if she'd like to dance and excitedly she replies: Would I, Would I!!! He replies: Peg leg Peg leg.

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs up in a tree?

A man comes home to find his girlfriend packing. She's visibly upset so he asks her what's wrong. "I'm leaving you! I just found you're a pedophile!" "A pedophile? That's an awfully big word for a ten year old."

How do you make Holy water?
You boil the hell out of it

What do you do with Holy Water?
You make pope-sicles

And so on. The day was a success.

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