Monday, June 05, 2006

Road Trip!

The adventure begins:

After a late start Kris, Nate and I head out in Charlotte. The ride is very long. After 4 1/2 hours of straight driving we stop in Monticello to stretch out legs and view the temple.

Kris and Nate had a serious conversation

A little snack-y snack is in order before taking off again.

Soon the journey continued and at 9pm we finally arrived at the hotel. Pratt was waiting outside so i got to see him as soon as we pulled into the parking lot.

We attempted swimming at the outdoor pool was the water was frigid so we retreated back inside after ten minutes.

The next day Pratt and I went in search of breakfast (Have you ever eaten McDonald's in front of a vegetarian? They look at you like you're barbecuing a baby!) And had quite the wonderful talk.

Back at the hotel, Nate and Kris were still getting ready for the day

Afterward all four of us headed out to Mesa Verde so see the sites. And what amazing sites they were!

We went back to the hotel for more swimming, which, again, I couldn't do for long so Pratt and I talked while Kris and Nate swam. We then went to dinner which turned out to be wonderful both in the food and in the before, during and after conversation.

Sunday morning is time for good-byes

Nate is confident he can drive us back to Provo

It is a very, very long car ride. kris thinks she might asplode

Thankfully, we all make it back safely (well, almost; After we had parked Kris fell out of the car, but she was ok).

Looking forward to the next road trip!!!


  1. For your next road trip, you guys should come hang out with me in California! It would be extremely nifty.

  2. thatprattcharacte4:19 PM

    Yay! So much goodness


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