Monday, March 05, 2012

You Rebel Scum

So, this post was supposed to be about our new cats; Currently our backyard is occupied by a heavy force of ground squirrels, who have created an alliance with the gophers. The rabbits are also still back there (although have made it clear that they are unaffiliated with the gopher/ground squirrel rebel fighters) and all those troops make it difficult for our garden and our lawn. Thus, Drek has asked the Feral Cat Coalition to send over a couple of mercenaries to drive out the rebellion.

They were supposed to arrive last night, but the volunteer from the  Feral Cat Coalition had car trouble and canceled at the last moment. So I don't have pictures of adorable  hunting cats to post.

It does, however. give me more time to research getting an owl. Did you know that if you build an owl house an owl family might move in? I really want to build one. Our neighbor a few blocks away built one and had an owl nest complete with eggs within a week. She also said she hasn't seen a gopher, ground squirrel, rabbit or mouse since the owls moved in. And you don't have to feed an owl or change its litter box.

Also, I'm afraid the cat mercenaries have been compromised. What if that car trouble was no accident...


  1. This is getting intense! *grabs popcorn*

  2. An owl family would be awesome! My uncle built a little bat house hoping for bats but none moved in.

  3. Just don't try for both. I can imagine the empire wouldn't be too keen to permit feral visitors.

    Also, I think you should get owls. Seriously? AWESOME. I want owls now!

  4. There are owls living at my house... our neighbor built an owl house too - but they prefer it over here. I would definitely try for it. The owls are the most part of living out here.


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