Sunday, March 18, 2012

Translation? A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

C'ead Mile Failte! St Patrick's Day was a little different this year. Of course we had Lucky Charms for breakfast, but it was eaten with no milk out of those individual cereal boxes while on the start of a very long car trip.  Ash and I drove back to hometown with Anna and her three children. Anna had decorated the mini van windows with little St. Patrick's Day stickers and a leprechaun hid a pot of gold somewhere inside!

It was a very long drive for four very small children, and we were not going to have any sort of movies, so I wanted to make sure the children were kept motivated. We had three checkpoints along the trip. Every time we got to a checkpoint, if the child had been good, they got a gift bag filled with treats and little things to keep them occupied until the next checkpoint. They were filled with things like boxes of raisins, juice boxes, notepads, books, music CD's, whiteboards, dollar store toys, tic-tacs, coloring books and in each bag, a map to the next checkpoint.

The bags were fun, but as it turned out, unnecessary. The children did very well the whole trip. We made it safe and sound and despite the fact I did not have a St Patick's Day Party this year, It was still a fun day. Ob the drive we saw the most amazing rainbow. It was across the whole sky and vibrant! At first it was a half rainbow, but as we watched it it became a whole arc! It was so vivid we could see where it touched the ground. We were sorely tempted to chase the end of the rainbow and find the pot of gold, but we did have a schedule to keep. And we are so excited to be back in Hometown!

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  1. That is so exciting! I'm sure lots and lots of people are very happy to see you in Hometown!

    I am happy anytime I get to see you, so I should know!


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