Sunday, August 21, 2011

If Those are to be the First of Many Injuries to Come, it Would be Wise to Find a Suitable Excuse. Polo, for Instance. I'm Not Learning Polo, Alfred

I have not attended many sporting events during my life. The ones I have attended have been... forgettable. I'm a fan of playing sports, just not watching strangers play sports. 

But this sport was a lot of fun to attend. A truly unforgettable experience: 


Yup. Big hats, champagne, and duvet-stomps. It was so much fun.

Did you know each polo player has twelve horses? He switches them out during the game. I learned all sorts of fun things like that.

As fun as the game was to watch, the best part was that there was a bounce house for the kids. Nothing is more entertaining than watching toddlers bounce around it a cage. I need one of those for my backyard.


  1. Try a demolition derby? That's my favorite sport, dumb as it sounds!

  2. Come to my backyard! There is a indoor bounce house sanctuary a mile away!

  3. I will totally come live in your home! We can send the babies to the bounce house sanctuary all day!


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