Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Haven’t Seen One of those Since I Was a Webelos. What’s a Webelos? It’s Half Way Between a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout. And What Does a Webelos Do? Gets Badges, Mostly

Two weeks I was given a calling in my ward: to teach the twelve and thirteen year old Sunday School Class. The man who offered me the calling said there were "only a few" kids in the class now, but there would be more in January. I paused. "Will I have this calling January?" I asked. He laughed and said I could count on being in this calling for a while.

Which is odd, considering for the last several callings I've accepted and then asked "Do you realize I am moving in four months?" But now we are not moving for several years. It was an odd sense of... permanence.

Anyway, I emailed the Sunday School President and asked the details of my class; how many kids, what were their names, when and where did we meet...

He emailed back that he had no idea I'd been called. He was glad, but surprised. He said I had eight kids in my class.

EIGHT? Eight is a lot.

So today was my first day teaching. I found the room and walked in. There were three boys inside, playing with a Rubik's cube. Then two girls came in. Then two more boys. Then another girl. Then three more girls.

Eleven. There are eleven kids in my class.

Actually, it went well. I think. You'd have to ask them. They like to talk, but once I started the lesson, they were very good at listening. They are fun, polite, and funny. I think the lesson went well.

I need to keep in mind that while the lesson is supposed to be an hour long, these kids socialize so much that I only have about fifteen minutes to teach them. Which is fine. I just need to simplify:  get to the point and make it memorable. Period.

Meanwhile, Drek got called to scouts. He is a Webelo leader.


  1. I have the same issue with YW; the girls are great at participating, but by the time opening exercises is over and the chairs rearranged, my time is short. And then they ask meaningful questions....

    did I mention that I have the Mia Maids? A little older than your group.

    Congrats on both your callings! Drek will have great fun cubbing. I should know; I did it when my two oldest were little and then nine years straight with my own boys--not a a leader but as a parent which is very involved.

  2. First off, gratz Drek and have fun.

    Secondly, I was going to sympathize because your Sunday School class sounds like my Sunday School class; ie the class that I was in growing up. We were all friends and knew the material pretty well before hand, so we spent a great deal of time just chatting and having fun. I don't remember a lot of the lessons.

    Our favorite teachers were the ones who did exactly as you do; let us socialize and become friends and then give us a short-n-sweet lesson. It was easier to remember those lessons than the hour long tune-out discussions.

    In the end I'm glad they let us do that; a lot of my good friends are from that class. Might be coincidence, might not.

  3. Hi, I'm Lizzy's Mom. When I was first married I taught the seven year olds in Primary. There were fifteen of them! Two of them had severe emotional problems. I went home in tears a lot. They were a challenge, but after that class everything else has seemed easy. Good Luck and keep teaching.


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