Thursday, April 28, 2011

Never Theorize Before You Have Data. Invariably, You End Up Twisting Facts to Suit Theories, Instead of Theories to Suit Facts

I spent last week in Hometown and, aside from being apart from Drek, had a great time. It was my niece's birthday and Ash had a wonderful time playing with cousins and spending Easter with grandparents.

I got so spend a little bit of time with my in-laws. Have I mentioned how awesome they are? Well, they are best in-laws anyone could ask for, so pretty awesome.

They have an Easter tradition of hiding Easter Baskets. I mean REALLY hiding them: taped inside of chimneys, screwed under floor vents, tucked up inside light fixtures, hidden under children's booster seats: they go all out. After we had all found our baskets, we were informed where the last remaining baskets were hiding, waiting for their owners to arrive later in the day. Am's basket was hidden inside the back of a clock. While we were discussing if he would ever find it, and guessing how long it would take when Mom said that it was either Am or D that could smell his Christmas presents, if they were food, no matter where she hid them in the house. She couldn't remember if it was Am or D.

Soon Am arrived, and after a delightful dinner, he was told he had a basket and needed to start looking. He casually glanced around the room while he asked "on a scale of one to a thousand, how hard is it to find?"

Even while Dad was answering "eight hundred" Am was walking toward the clock. He casually picked it up and asked "does this thing even open?" but didn't get a response, because all of our mouths were hanging open. He popped out the back of the clock and there was his basket.

"It was Am who could smell his Christmas presents." Mom commented.



  1. Haha. They are just oo amazing to hide and find such things. I have never ever found one by own... Has been a few times so far.

  2. Supposedly Richard Feynman claimed this sort of thing was possible. I don't remember which one if his books it was though.


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