Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'll Be The Grandest Bunny in the Easter Parade

Happy Easter!

Now that Drek and I are married, and have a child, and have a house, I suppose it's really time to start our own Holiday Traditions. There really isn't anything else to procrastinate for.

This year we talked about how we wanted to celebrate Easter. Drek's favorite part of Easter Saturday is hiding the Easter Baskets. This is where he hid mine this year:
Keep in mind the fan hangs from a vaulted ceiling. I found it, but I couldn't reach it.

My favorite part of Easter preperations is coloring Easter Eggs. This is an egg Ash colored this year:

Acouchi's favorite part is the egg hunt.
She's really good at sniffing those eggs out:

So I think we'll color Easter Eggs a few days before. On Saturday we'll hide and find Easter baskets, and then have an Easter Egg hunt and brunch/lunch/dinner at our house for friends, family and neighbors later in the day. We did that this year and it was so much fun. Hopefully next year we''ll have our yard a bit more presentable.

Sunday we'll get to wear our new clothes (that were in our Easter baskets) to church and try to keep Sunday Easter Celebrations limited to activities focused on Christ. Sounds like a good Easter to me! Now I just need to get organized!

One year we might even be organized enough to celebrate Passover! One year...


  1. HA. We were going to have a Passover this year. It fell on that one Tuesday. you know, when I was dying.

    We passed over Passover. Bleh.

  2. giggle giggle

    It's been so chaotic. I don't even know WHEN passover was this year. Sigh

  3. I had an LDS version of passover from one of my BYU classes. I wonder what I did with the script...if you want it you can message me on facebook or my blog and I'll find it or get it from T for you.


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