Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"It's Deadly Fun, But Will Sulk in the Sun!" That's it! Devil's Snare Hates Sunlight! Lumos Solem!

You know what's amazing about this house? The sunlight. It's been a while since I've had sunlight in my house.

This house has lots of big windows, especially in the kitchen. This is the view from the window over the sink. It looks out onto our backyard, and you can see our neighbor's chickens, geese, and pigeons. And also our horrible lawn that hasn't been mowed in three months.

This is the view from the sliding glass door, also in the kitchen, also looking into our backyard. You can see our sad fence.
close up:

A few days ago there was a chicken loose in our backyard. I've also seen a bunny, a mouse (being chased by Acouchi) and a hawk. I love our backyard. So does Acouchi.

The amazing thing about having sunlight in our kitchen is that my bread actually rises! I had no idea that was the missing factor! Sunlight! It works miracles. Here are my breadsticks:
See? Amazing. No wonder my bread wouldn't rise for the past three years! I can see lots of fresh baked bread in the future of this kitchen.

Chicken in the yard:

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  1. Okay, you're making me hungry! The bread looks awesome, the chickens won't hurt anything, and I love the size of your yard. A little care and what a wonderful place for your little one to roam.


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