Sunday, September 19, 2010

They Will If You Set Up That the Dog is Evil. All You Do is Have to Show Him Doing This

We went for a walk down a very long pier. About halfway down, we spotted this;
I didn't zoom the camera in, nor did I crop this photo. I really did get that close to the bird. I think it would have let me touch it, but I really didn't want to touch it, so I didn't try. That bird wasn't afraid of anything.

After I took the photo, we kept walking down the pier. We saw some dolphins jumping out of the water. We watched them for a bit. When the dolphins went away we turned around and saw that same bird, right there, staring right at us.

We kept walking. At the end of the pier, the bird was waiting. He watched us as we reached the end, then he followed us as we walked around the end, and then proceeded to follow us as we walked back to the start of the pier. Sometimes he flew ahead, other times he walked on the wood rails with us.

It was a little creepy. Is that how he begs for food? Did he want compensation for us taking his picture? Was he a homeless bird that wanted to be our pet? Was he an alien taking the form of a bird sent to protect us from the evil invaders from Dimension Twelve? What in the world makes a seagull do that? I wish he could have lowered his eyebrows and looked around all with shifty eyes, then it would be clear that the seagull was, in fact, evil, and the mystery would be solved.

Everywhere we went, that bird was like this;

(Okay, I cropped that last one for dramatic effect)

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