Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Down Here All the Fish is Happy, As Off to the Waves They Roll

Labor Day was a wonderful day for us. We drove forty minutes to a beach, despite warnings that it would be cold, windy, and the water would be freezing. We got there and met my wonderful friend, Bon, and her son (my baby!) Jord, who is fifteen years old. We also met up with a friend of Bon's who owns a Kayak, which was the reason we were there.

It was, indeed, cold and windy and the water was frigid. Jord was smart enough to wear a wet suit, but Drek and I were shivering in our swim suits. Jord and I went out on the kayak first. and over my swimsuit I had a life jacket to keep me warm (hah). Once I started paddling I warmed up and was grateful for the cool breeze, although I tried hard not to get splashed by the cold water. As it turns out, it was actually the perfect day to go Kayaking. The waves were fairly small and once we got out far enough the water was as smooth as glass. We kayaked down the beach to a group of caves and were stunned to see that the water was so clear we could see the coral and fish below! It was so beautiful! We also got to go into one of the caves and marveled at the pink rocks and the beautiful formation. Once we came out of the cave we noticed we were next to a few seals! Alas, I couldn't take out camera out on the ocean for fear of it meeting its death, so I didn't get any pictures. However, it was still a perfect ocean Kayak trip!

We made it back to shore and maneuvered the kayak onto the beach without tipping over. We climbed out and Drek and Jord took off. Alas, they had a lot more trouble than I did; The seat came loose and they spent a long time trying to figure out how to fix it. Once they got going again they were approached by a policeman on a jet ski who said witnesses had sworn they were fishing. Poor Drek and Jord had to let the kayak be searched before the policeman would let them go. After that, their time was up so they had to come back to shore and Drek never did get to see the caves or the seals.

When he got back to shore we watched the son of the couple that owned the kayak while they went out together. Drek and I played on Frisbee on the beach, had a picnic and took lots of pictures of Ash. We had so much fun!

That night we had a wonderful dinner with Drek's co-workers. We ate out on their deck which is on top of an apartment building so the view was wonderful. We had such a great time with wonderful friends and the most delicious food.

Happy Labor Day!

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