Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So . . . Very. . . Tired

Krisling and I have developed our own language which consists mainly of kitty pictures. Examples forthcoming.
I am so sick. I have decided having mono this time will not be fun like it was last time (but this time, I am not contagious).
Saturday is Haunted house day!! Everyone should come. We're going up SLC for the very last day Rocky Point is open.
Drek and I are reading Dr. Doolittle. Or rather, he is reading it to me while I am sick. It is very nice to be read to.


  1. I want to make you some sort of awesome knitted thing (as a wedding gift), but I don't know if that's your style or not. What kind of thing do you think you'd appreciate most (it doesn't have to be something knitted or even handcrafted)?

    I'm sorry to hear you've got mono. That really doesn't sound like fun. Get lots of rest and enjoy being read to!

  2. http://www.bridalonlinestore.com/store/Emily.asp

  3. Oooh, and this one comes in red too.

    I'll stop spamming you now...


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