Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Life is moving along. Things are falling into place for the wedding.
It occurred to me that all but one of my bridesmaids are far away. This is fine, but makes the dresses part difficult. Thank goodness we live in an age of picture-messages, IM, email and long distance phone calls.
Even more amazing, all of them are going to extremes to accommodate me. Rissy will be in Japan up until the day before the reception. It has been her life long dream to go, (she's leaving next week) and she's coming home early just for me. Not only that, but she rearranged her entire plan to come back early and had to pay hundreds of dollars in fees to switch her plane tickets. Kara will be at Yale until a few days before (I think, I'm not sure when she's coming, actually, I'm just glad she's coming. I'm so excited to see her!). She is a grad student and is supposed to be doing research in a lab when she comes out. She was going to use her time off of work to drive her best friend across the country, but now has to worry about coming here.
Krisface will be back from who-knows-where who-knows-when. She might even bring hubby-what's-his-face with her, but that is uncertain.
Megan will actually be here. Mostly. She's leaving to go on her honeymoon, but will be back a month before my wedding. I am a bridesmaid in her wedding (in May) and she has had to adjust us talking about her weeding plans, to listening to me talk about my wedding plans. Not only that, but being apart of two weddings in two months has to be stressful.
But they are all wonderful and I am very glad they all agreed to be my bridesmaids.

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