Thursday, March 08, 2007

One Month to the Day of Doom

I have a life list of goals. This list was supposed to be compleated by April 8, 2007 a.k.a. my 21st birthday.
I'm so not going to make it.
Not only that, but 21 is just old. I don't want to be 21! I like telling people I'm 20, it sounds nice. I've always hated birthdays, but this one looms more dreaded.


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  2. 21 is not old. :P

    And if it's a list of life goals, shouldn't you have your whole life to complete them?

    I seriously don't understand what the big deal about being 21 is though. Nothing much changes. 21 for me was pretty much the same as 20 and 22 and now 23. 25 will be exciting because my car insurance costs will go down (and I'll be able to rent cars). But even that's not much different. Though when you're 25 you can say you're a quarter of a century old, which is kind of cool.

  3. Holy crap Kirsa is old.

    Kaylizzle, I miss saying we are 19. 20 sucks. 21 will suck more. Think about it--22!! 22!!!! TWENTY-TWOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (poo)


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