Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Óglaigh na hÉireann

Of course I want more!!

This miliatry organization's first demonstation went something like this:
Weapons were supplied by Germany under the auspices of a leading human rights campaigner - including over 20,000 rifles and 10 machine guns. However, the plot was discovered and the weapons were lost when the ship carrying them was scuttled to prevent the arms from falling into the hands of the ememy.
When the Rising broke out, the Volunteer leader found out about the plot at the last minute and issued countermanding orders to Volunteer units around the country. As a result, less than 2000 Volunteers out of 12,000 turned out. The plan was to seize a compact area and launch simultaneous Risings around the country. In the event, the rising consisted of a week's street fighting in the capital after which the rebels surrendered. The enemy used overwhelming force, including over 16,000 troops, artillery and a naval gunboat, to put down the rebellion. Over half the 500 or so killed were civilians caught in the crossfire.


  1. Is that Irish on the title?

  2. I don't know. Some of early 20th century uprising. May be Russian revolt of 1905.

  3. (Average difficulty)
    During the World War 2 every one of these objects in Buckingham Palace was marked with a line 5 inches from the bottom. This was done to save on something. What objects were marked?

    According to Inuits, ilulissat can sing, attract fish, birds, sea lions, bears. Ilulissat are supposed to be assistants of the sea goddess Nerrivik, the goddess responsible for taking people out of this world. We know a date when one of the ilulissat took several hundred people out of this world. What is "ilulissat"?

  4. Isn't ilulissat an iceberg?

    Part of the first (unofficial) landing of the spanish in the Yucatan, he was one of two survivors of the voyage. Unlike the other survivor who became one of Cortes' trnaslators, this one gained prestige and honor amongst the Maya, as well as a wife and children.

    Eventually, he became known as a war leader for Nachan Kaan, Lord of Chektumal and died in the Spanish Conquest of the Yucatan, although now some historians doubt his existence. Either way, he is now considered a political and literary icon and part of the national culture of Mexico.

  5. Yes to Brad, no to Xirax.


    Doña Marina is the only translator I know

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  7. She was his native translator, yes... but you are thinking of the invasion of Tenochtitlan. This guy took place in the Yucatan. His name also has something to do with my blog name. You'll see after other answers.

    I got the job. I start Monday.

  8. Iceberg is correct.

  9. Is this that Aguilar guy? the first man to father mestizo children?
    *wikipedia* ah. yes it is. They doubt his exsistance?? couldn't they just do DNA tests?

  10. Depending on which Aguilar, you are close.

    Gerónimo de Aguilar was shipwrecked with this person, but as where de Aguilar eventually escaped and went to help Cortes translate.


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