Thursday, February 08, 2007

Three months

Today I am officially old enough to serve an LDS mission.

I've never really had a deep desire to me a missionary and I'm pretty sure I would be horrible at it, but I have always wanted to serve a humanitarian mission. I've always wanted to go to Africa with UNICEF or something like that.

I got a second job. Now I work about ten hours a day. I took the job not for the money (although it is a good side benefit) but to keep myself busy. It's not working. Apparently I still have too much free time.

I keep thinking that I'm stuck here. Time is ticking away and I can't do anything about it. I'm useless and I can't change. I have to do something. Maybe I will go to Africa, maybe I will put in my papers for a procelyting mission. At least I'd be doing something. At least I'd be useful.


  1. You are "useful" to all the people that surround you here, in Utah :) You don't need to go to Africa for that ;)

    As for free time, you wrote this entry at 6:43 am. AAARGH!!! But if you insist, heh, racquetball today, skiing Saturday and badminton Monday are all options :D

  2. I wish I could go on a mission :(

  3. You desire to do great things does you credit, but don't derive your worth from how many great things you do. That is , from my perspective, the adversary talking.

    You cannot comprehend the good you do, not only for, as Xirax said, the people around you, but everyone. Seriously, you can't. The affect you have on your family and friends bleeds over into how we treat others. Even if it didn't, heck, you still do enough good to the people around you. How many times have you listened when I needed to talk to keep from losing it?

    Anyway, thats all.


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