Monday, February 12, 2007

The Game Continues

These are shorter. Good luck.
As the man said, Google=cheating


The Legenda Aurea of Jacobus de Voragine gives the very brief vita of This Saint refusing to deny Christ before the Emperor Claudius in the year 280. Before his head was cut off, he restored sight and hearing to the daughter of his jailer. Later works say that he sent the same girl a love note on his final day.


These "spirits of the night," are called so becase of their large, reflective eyes.
They are found naturally only on the island of Madagascar and some smaller surrounding islands, including the Comoros (where it is likely they were introduced by humans). In the television show Seinfeld, the character of Newman is decribed as having climbing abilities rivaling those of a ring-tailed creatures.
Zoboomafoo, an educational PBS Kids television program features a Verreaux's Sifaka who is also the show's namesake.

This man was pressed into Navel service and later became a slave to the "slaves in Africa." After being rescued he became a succesful slave trader and a strong Christian. Later he became a minister and an abolitionist. Among his greatest contributions to history was in 1785 encouraging Wilberforce, the newly-converted Member of Parliament for Hull, to stay in Parliament and "serve God where he was", rather than enter the ministry. Wilberforce heeded the ex-slaveship captain's advice, and spent the next five decades successfully working for the abolition of slavery in the British Empire.


  1. Hmm, should I fire back?
    Here's a couple of easier questions from "What? Where? When?" game that is popular in Russia, but utterly unexistant anywhere else. You can answer the question correctly if you know it, OR, and that's the big difference from Jeopardy, if you think well enough.

    During election in Jamaica, two candidates (Patrick White and Hugh Brian) got exactly the same number of votes. Jamaican Constitution says that such problems must be solved by any method agreed upon by both sides. Candidates chose a method that in 1968 brought luck to Italians. What method did they use to decide the winner?

    In 1930s this corporal of English Army was killed on the west bank of Jordan river. 66 years later his final resting place became a cult object, visited by many people from all over the world. Cemetery watcher at first didn't understand all the excitement, but people explained that the man buried there is very famous, he's got books written about him and movies filmed. What is the full name of this English corporal?

    This is a pangram:
    "Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs."
    What is a pangram?

  2. Hooray!!!!

    Ok! it was people's party vs. . . I can't remember. The PP lost and demanded a recount, the recount said they tied, so they flipped a coin. I think.

    Um, no idea. But it seems as if I should know. Is he the tomb of the unknown soldier? But that's not a name. hmmmm. . .

    "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" I used to write that over and over again in school. I don't think I've ever heard the name, but I'll assume a pangram is a sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet.
    Xirax, it appears the battle of wits has begun.

  3. Number one is Valentinus, better known as St. Valentine.

    The third one sounds like John Newton, although I am not sure.

    As for Ilya's, I do not know.

  4. Brad
    I don't think the first one is St. Valentine (had that idea and decided against it). Wasn't St. Valentine a priest that did Christian marriage ceremonies?
    *checks Wikipedia*
    OK, I admit defeat. But the entry is incomplete and fails to mention the most known story. "love note" from a priest threw me off guard.

    Kayla, yes and yes.

    The name of English Corporal is Harry Potter.

  5. Correct Bradley!!

    Wow Ilya, I never would have guessed that. Next stop: Wikipedia.

    Oh! Oh! Let's play again!!


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