Saturday, December 09, 2006

Past Week

So, notable events of the past week. . .

Let's see.
Last Friday was the Quark Dance. It was amazing. Tim was nice enough to let me dance with him almost the whole time. He even taught me a basic tango!
Saturday was Drek's birthday. It involved much secretnes and much coldnes.
Sunday was Drek's birthday part II. That was more secretnes, the phone stealing kind of secretness, and a lot of fun.
Tuesday was Kris's last night as a single. We both got very tired and ate some goldfish. Poor Sarah. She called us, but neither of us were coherent enough to talk to her. Anyway, Kris and I watched Da Vinci Code. I loved it. Kris said it was tool time.
Wednesday was the wedding of Krateizling. It was a success.
Friday Drek and I got lost in a parking garage. Luckily, he has an amazing sence of direction and was able to get us not lost.
Today was Trans-Siberian Orchestra day!! Hooray!! it was amazing!! There was fire, and lasers, and strobe lights, and singing, and instrument playing. Such a day could only be ended with fudge.

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  1. Kaylizzle my heart! You saw TSO without me! How could you?! Le mourn!


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