Monday, August 07, 2006

so tired everything is funny

Ever wonder what other people do during the early morning hours?

Kris and did the following:

11:00pm: Kayla tries jumping of the wall to pull a peice of paper of the wall in the hallway. Kris decides to be of assistance and lift Kayla up. Kris and Kayla fall onto the floor, laughing hystericlly. After several more attempt Kayla manages to pull the paper of the wall.

11:10 Kris and Kayla decide to stage an intervention. To Ferdinand!!!!

11:11 Kris and Kayla stop at a stoplight, they are attempting to make a left-hand turn

11:17 Kris has had enough with the never-green light and runs the very red light.

11:18 Kris hits another red light. Kayla laughs at her ensuing road rage.

11:25 Kris and Kayla stage intervention.

12:20am Kris decides Kayla would not make a good Private investigator, as she does not return furtive glances. Kayla is not a glancer.

12:30 Kris and Kayla have following converstaion:

Kris: Your mom
Kayla: Your face
Kris: Your father's face
Kayla: Tu Madre
Kris: Touche

12:45: Kayla's "Real fake hot dog" is asploding. Kayla tries putting "ket-ca-cechsup" on it.

1:00am: Kris and Kayla sit at the kitchen table, working dilligently on their own computers. See? This is why I shouldn't leave Utah.

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