Thursday, August 17, 2006

Much Hilarity Ensues

Yesterday was the start of the assassin game. This meant that all of today I was completely paranoid. I was constantly looking around corners and over my shoulder. I told myself that if anyone in the game showed up at work to just stay in the back, lest they were here to shoot me.

Mark (my boss) stayed at work late, so most of my morning was spent joking back and forth and him teasing me mercilessly. Almost immediately after he left I got a phone call for a job interview. The interview was at 1:30. I was scheduled to work until 6:00. I called meimei and asked her to cover me for two hours. She said she would, because she is amazing and so much more generous than I ever was.

Noon. Cue IRS man coming into the bakery. IRS man has come into the bakery everyday since before I started working there. Since the deli opened, he'll come in and get lunch, then come back around three for an eclair. We've has causal conversations before, to where we're on a first-name basis, but yesterday while his sandwich was being made we had an actual conversation during which he asked if I was leaving the bakery because I was getting married. I told him I was not (but Mary seemed to think that too. Where is this rumor coming from?) and realized he was about to ask me out (IRS man is very nice, around 26-29 years old, not married and not my type. Not to mention I am very, very happy with who I am with right now). His sandwich was finished just in time. Anyway, back to today, IRS man came in for his sandwich and I hid in the back. We didn't have eclairs, so I told him while he was paying and leaving, that I would be sure and make some before 3:00. Because that's what my job is.

When Meimei came in at 1:00 I asked her to make eclairs, and she said she would.

At 1:20 I showed up to the interview, had a wonderful talk with the supervisor who then offered me the job on the spot. I accepted, because it really is a great job. My last day at the bakery is Aug 23. My first day at Craft Supplies USA is Aug 24.

I got back to the bakery to discover that meimei had used the wrong filling for the eclairs, which is no big deal. I thanked her and she left.

At 3:00 IRS man came in. I hid in the back.

At 4:30 Russell showed up. We talked for a while and then he left. I blame this exact occurrence on my state of stupidity for what happened next:

I was in the back, I came out to the front to help people. Mary was helping one customer, there was a customer waiting, and I see another person waiting in the corner. I turn to help the customer in line, and realize the person in the corner is _________.
I turn back around, greet him, and go to give him a hug, when I am squirted three times in the stomach.

I am assassinated.

After laughing my head of at my own stupidity, we walk to the bank, walk back, and I bid my killer good-bye, and good luck on his next kill. Before he leaves he gives me an extra water gun. I will use it well next game.

Back in the bakery as I am closing, who should walk in but IRS man!!!! He's staying late at work and wants to buy caffeine. I ring him up and ask if the eclair was ok. He replies it was still good, but he likes the custard better. I apologize and replies with: Tell you what, if you dump that no good boyfriend of yours and go out for ice cream with me I'll forgive you.

. . .

After I regain my composure from laughing so hard I think I'll explode ( no, I wasn't mean, I was very diplomatic. Poor IRS man) Mary starts making fun me and I die laughing all over again.

Next is D and D. I always end up laughing till my sides hurt, but tonight is particualry hillarios because most people in the campaign are aslo playing Assassin. I get five phone calls during the run asking me information on other Assassin players. News of my death has spread quickly apparently. DM threatens if I answer my phone again, I will lose a level. giggle giggle.

After the run everyone becomes paranoid. Bradley sends Todd out to search the perimeter. Todd apparently fails at this because the moment Bradley steps out of the house he is shot. It does not count as a kill because Todd was a whitness. And now the plot thickens.

I arrive home to the news that Ben has just been assassinated. My, we were a busy bunch tonight.

Ah, glee.


  1. I posted my report. At least I didn't try to give my killer a hug :D

  2. Drek, E.O.3:30 PM

    Yeah, I'm really excited for next week. This week, my assassin had it much too easy, and I plan to be extremely on guard next time. As an Evil Overlord, I must dominate all who dare oppose me, yada yada yada.

    The one monkey that can throw a wrench in my plans is if I have to kill Child, or if she draws me. Because I don't think I could spend a day away from her...much less a week. P.S. Child, I really missed you while I was away. I wish I was better at expressing my sentiments aloud, but curse my writing-hobby for making it much easier to say in writing.

    I love you.


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