Thursday, July 24, 2014

Now I know my ABCs

Today we picked up my younger sister from the airport. Because the airport is far away, and her flight was delayed, and we were there early anyway, we found a park in the city within fifteen minutes of the airport and settled down to enjoy the hours until her flight came in.

There was another family at the park. They had a girl Ash's age, a boy just older, and a girl just younger. The three of these adorable and polite children were being watched by an older sister. The three of them played with my two daughters and got along  like every mother's dream. Not just playing together, but laughing together, being nice together and playing fun and happy games together.

Their mother returned to the park and passed out snacks to her kids. While they were picnicking the four year oild girl came over to me and introduced herself. She told be her brother's name and her baby sister's name. She then asked me to guess her older sister's name. I rattled off a few random guesses, but she shook her head.

"I'll give you a clue. It starts with a "sh" sound.  I made a few more guesses. All wrong.

"How about my mom's name? Can you guess my mom's name?"

"What does it start with?"

"Uh, an "s".

"Sue? Sarah? Sally? Samantha?"

"No, it starts with a "S, T"

"Star? Stephanie?"

Esther. Her name is Esther. I discovered, after several minutes of guessing. I suppose that will teach me to play word games with a four-year-old.

I wish we could arrange more playdates with the family. They were idyllic. Sadly the drive is probably way too far. Maybe the next time we find ourselves waiting for hours for a plane to come in we can randomly meet them at the same park. Maybe then I can finally guess the older sister's name.

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