Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Couldn't Help Myself. You Just Look So Cute Swingin' That Pickaxe... Chain Gang Looks Good on You, Freckles.

A few weeks ago I had my haircut. My wonderful Sister-in-law is very good at cutting my hair and has done in several times. This time I wanted it cut a little more than I usually do, just to make it even with the bangs I've been growing out for a few years. She cut it with her amazing skills, then asked if she could try something new; instead of just the usual trim, adding a few layers. I said yes. In the end the layers didn't work out, so she had to cut my hair even shorter to cut out the layers. And then a little more to make it even. And then a little more. The result: I no longer have long hair. My hair is now short. I haven't had my hair this short since I was seventeen. Still, people tell me it looks cute and it is a whole lot easier to maintain, so no complaints. It's just hair and will eventually grow back out to my comfort length.

I'm blogging about this now because of this amusing conversation I had with my Sister-in-law this last week. I hadn't seen her since she cut my hair.

Sister-in-law: Oh! You chopped off your hair!!

Me: Um... You chopped off my hair.

Sister-in-law: You haven't cut it since then?

Me: Nope

Sister-in-law: Did I cut it that short?

Me: Yes.

Sister-in-law: Oh. (pause) It looks cute!

Which made me realize that is the only adjective people use to describe my new look; cute. It makes one wonder...


  1. Well, you haven't posted a picture so we can see how cute it is!

  2. I let her cut my hair once...once...:)

  3. Giggle giggle. She actually does a really good job. If she's still okay with it, I still want her to cut my hair in the future.


  5. I think we need a picture! I can't imagine cutting my hair right now. I have gone from long to short about three times in the past... I think I'm going to be one of those old ladies with long gray hair.

  6. Let's see a picture. I can't imagine you with short hair! Somehow I think your idea of "short" is probably long to some people. :)

  7. Ha! Lia, I think you are probably right! It barely brushes my shoulders. And no, no pictures will be posted.

  8. I can't wait to see this. K La with short hair? Blast from the past.


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