Friday, February 03, 2012

It's About to Get Very Cold in Here

Happy Day After Ground Hog Day! So, the groundhog saw it's shadow and we will be having six more weeks of the winter. Does it make that much of a difference if you live here in Sunland, where you only know it's winter when you are indoors and when you are outside you think it's a perfect day in June?

Here in Sunland I've noticed the houses here are built to stay cool, have terrible insulation and most people hate paying any sort of heating bill in the winter. All this adds up to a simple fact: in the wintertime, Sunlandians put on their jackets while they are indoors and take them off when they go outside. 

Today it is fifty eight degrees inside our house and seventy degrees outside. Today during Ash's nap I took off my hoodie, blanket and wool socks and went outside to read in the sun, where I was perfectly comfortable in shorts, a short sleeve shirt and bare feet. 

I'm not thrilled about six more weeks of cold indoors, but if I get ever get too cold, I can always go outside. 


  1. You can open the windows in the daytime to let some of that heat in.

  2. I cannot even IMAGINE living in that environment. My mind is actually BLOWN.

    Going...outside? In the winter? To warm UP?

    As Jeff said when he saw Santa-Baby Annie:

  3. Ha! It took me a second to get your reference, but then it clicked and I knew exactly the "Whaaa...?" you thought!


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