Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Don't Know. Maybe Just for Once, I'd Like to Go to a Movie Where I Don't Get Seasick

Before the cruise, I hadn't spent much time on a boat. Sure, I'd been on a canoe, and we own a kayak so I have done that. I've been on a motor boat once or twice when I was little, but not for very long and I don't remember much.

I was a little anxious about seasickness so I took some ginger gum with me on the cruise despite assurances that "cruise boats are so big you can hardly tell you're on the water."

The above assurances are one hundred percent false. From the time we left dock, nothing was more apparent than the fact that I wasn't on stable ground. I could feel the waves.The movement was big enough to make you grab on to something, to stumble as you walked and to get tinges of nausea every now and then. I was so glad I brought my ginger gum. I did adjust quickly, however, once I realized that everything was normal, the waves weren't bigger that usual and we weren't going to capsize. I actually really liked the feeling. It was like being on a mild roller coaster all the time or trying to walk on a moving school bus, all things I love.

As surprising as that was, the real surprise came the moment we got off the boat at the end of the cruise.

"Are we on a dock?" I asked aloud, wondering why the ground was still rolling underneath me. We were not. But for the next forty eight hours it sure felt like it. Not only that, but I was very dizzy, I had a terrible headache and I was very nauseousness. Apparently my sea legs had adapted quickly to the boat, but my land legs could not adjust to the shore.

Up to a week later, I still dreamed I was on the boat being rocked so sleep by the waves. It took a few minutes after I woke up for that movement to vanish.

My conclusion is thus: It's the sea calling to me. My home is meant to be a boat. Now I only have to convince Drek...


  1. I take ginger capsules when I am going on a boat. Maybe they will help with landsickness too.

  2. YES.



    Hope that helps.

    I remember the first time I went sailing in a small motor boat. We were in Tokyo Bay for a few hours. At first, the extreme tilt in the boat terrified me and I felt sure that I was going to fall over the edge and die, but after a while I got used to it, and by the end I found it most enjoyable.

    If I wasn't so terrified of drowning (I'm convinced it's one of the worst ways to die) or getting attacked by not-necessarily-malevolent sea creatures I might even be persuaded to spend more time on water.

    It would take a fair bit of convincing, though.

  3. Hmm. You didn't tell me this about the cruise. Now I will never go on one. I get horribly motion sick - so everyone is lying about cruises...


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