Friday, January 13, 2012

That Station Wagon of Yours Doesn't Exactly Look Like a Sailing Ship. It's a Rocket Ship. My Mistake

We got a new car. It's a salvaged car, just like Jasmine was. Actually, it was rebuilt by the same guy that built Jasmine. 

It's a Saturn, it has a sunroof, the console is super fancy and the engine is whisper quiet. The doors open in opposite directions and there are only two seats in the back. For those reasons, this car is my spaceship. I named him Astro: 


  1. That is pretty fabulous looking car. Good job!

  2. That is a sweet looking machine.

  3. Nice. I bet it's going to be fun getting used to the doors, though. Sounds like you made a good decision there. Have fun with the car!

  4. Oooh, that's pretty. Is it an automatic or a manual?


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