Thursday, September 15, 2011

As Advertised, Lots of Needles and Cold Exam Tables. I Heard You Had Some Excitement

I got suckered into getting a tetanus shot this week. That was no fun.

I went to the doctor to get a prescription for an infection I have (unsuccessfully) tried to fight for an entire month. She was really nice, gave me the prescription and then asked when I had last been tested for TB.

"Never? Because I do not live in the eighteen hundreds?"

"Not even when you were pregnant?"

"No...does pregnancy give you TB?"

It was odd. She asked if I wanted to be tested. Again, what an odd question. Who answers yes?

And then she asked when I last had a tetanus shot.

"...Um, when I was ten? Maybe seven?' I thought about getting one when I was eighteen, does that count?"

She said that me getting a shot would help protect Ash. Grrr. I hate when herd immunity works against me.

So I let her give me the shot. And I was trying to be all cheerful about it because Ash was watching.

"Look! How fun! The nice nurse is going to give mama a shot! Hooray!"  While whispering to the nurse: "Hey, so, I'm deathly afraid of needles so please don't let me see it, or I might pass out."

Good times.

The nurse warned me that my arm would hurt the day after. She was not kidding. I was also so very tired all of yesterday. That might have been because of the antibiotics, but last night I dreamed it was because my tetanus shot actually gave me tetanus. Luckily, that does not seem to be the case as I am back to normal energy levels today. Maybe It was TB.


  1. You've had one more recent than that! I was about ten the last time I went and I know you were with me then.
    But good for you!

  2. Oh! Good to know! So I was fourteen? That means I'm only a year late on getting this one. That works out well. :)

  3. I wish I had your wit. "Does pregnancy give you TB?" hahaha

  4. Tetanus shots are among the worst for soreness afterward. Know for next time (mid-thirties?) that it helps to move it around a lot.

  5. Tetanus shots are doozies! I remember the one I got when I was 14 going into high school and yeah... ouch.

  6. When I was dog walking I got a scratch and my mother insisted that I get a tetanus shot. I had to get a TB test and a tetanus when I went into the MTC, too.

    Actually, I had to get somewhere around 4 or 5 shots before the MTC. By the last one I just stopped caring and I always hated how I felt the next day. Stupid shots are SORE.


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