Thursday, July 21, 2011

Looks to Me Like an Illegal Salvage Operation. It Does? That's Discouraging

Ok, This project actually turned out kind of well...

Really comfy, very old and beat-up patio chairs.  

When Rissy came to visit, we figured out how to remove the old fabric and theoretically install new fabric. She also became chief spray paint advisor and executive spray painter. Thanks to her, the painting went great. After that I was left with this: 

Which I turned into this:
 which became this:
It turned out so well, this evening my family sat out on our porch, enjoying our new patio set and eating homemade chocolate ice cream with the best homemade fudge sauce you have ever tasted. Ever.

Ok, so I didn't actually make the fudge sauce, but I did make the ice cream! Which is something I've never done before. And it was very delicious.


  1. Nice job! I really like that fabric!

  2. The chairs look fabulous! You wonder woman you!

  3. Wow, those turned out really well. That's awesome! I can't wait to sit in them when I come down to visit you...this Winter?


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