Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Has Anyone In This Family Actually Seen a Chicken?

Having chickens has turned out to be thoroughly entertaining. We let them free range and they have been so good about staying in our yard and going back into their coop as soon as the sun sets. Drek feeds them leftovers from dinner, so now during dinner the chickens line up outside the sliding glass door and tap on the glass in an attempt to beg for food.

But the best was a few days ago: We had a four year old over at our house to play. I was around the corner with Ash when I heard a ear-shattering scream. It was as if he had just came face to face with the Grim (That's a symbol of Death that will eat your face off, for the Non-Harry Potter fans). I dashed around the corner and saw him pointing in terror. "Look!" he gasped "A Chicken!" and there, three feet away, was indeed, Juliette; happily pecking the grass.

I giggled. "Takes one to know one, kid."  Alas, my quick wit was lost on him. But I'm sure Juliette thought it was funny.


  1. Hehe, Juliette is not the only one who thinks it's funny. =}

  2. Actually, I'm now rather scared of our chickens. Haha. They're so used to my dad bringing table scraps out to them in the yard, that if I'm home (like I am now) and I bring out a sandwich to my dad working in the back, they'll start chasing me!

  3. Even birdbrains know the hand that feeds them. :) Even fish can be trained to swim up if they hear your voice; it's pretty funny.


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