Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm a Damsel, I'm in Distress, I Can Handle This. Have A Nice Day

Drek is away on a business trip. He come home today. I'm so glad. I do not like it when we are apart. I find I need him more and more. He is so wonderful. 

On the day he left, after he was gone I climbed into the shower to see this on the wall: 

Awwww. Best husband ever.

Also on the day he left  I came out to the kitchen to find a GIANT spider on the floor. GIANT. I freaked out and dropped a plastic cup over it. And then I froze. I decided to just leave it there until Drek came home:
But two days later I realized I was avoiding the kitchen and developing an unhealthy fear of red plastic cups. So I took Charity's advice and used a long vacuum attachment to suck up the spider out from under the cup. It worked great. That is, until I kept vacuuming and accidentally sucked up a small thumb drive. I can't just get it out of the vacuum because there is also a spider in there. So that will just have to wait for Drek.

See how much I need him?


  1. K la is afraid of spiders? Noted :D

  2. That is really funny because just yesterday I told my mom "I don't really feel pressure to get married, but it would be nice to have someone to kill bugs for me." =)

  3. Sorry that plan didn't work out so well for ya! I asked Dave to kill a spider for me the other day and he said "what about equality of the sexes and woman's lib and all that?" I told him I would kill the spider if he wanted to make dinner. ;-) He killed the spider.

  4. Spiders in cups escape so it is probably under the stove or somewhere it can scare you again. (Just kidding--in fact this whole post is meant to be tongue-in-cheek or downright silly so I hope you take it that way.)

    Spiders in vacuums do one of three things:

    a) Live and come back out (that's what my dad claimed but I think he just wanted to scare me.)

    b) Die so it doesn't hurt to empty it and get your hard drive out.

    c) Suffer in there but get fat off the dust mites and build webs around whatever else you vacuumed, like Legos and mini thumb drives.

    So, see, you are doomed. Arachnophobia anyone?

    Just gotta kid you a bit K-La; it's probably dead in there and will never bother you again, along with any potential offspring it would otherwise have had.

    Your post gave ARF and me a good laugh, especially the fear of red plastic cups. If the spider did by any remote chance survive, it now has an unhealthy dread of red plastic cups and screaming women.

  5. @Lynn:

    I can never use a vacuum to suck up spiders again. It never occurred to me that they could survive but now I think they might be able to and...AUGH!

    (although thinking about it again I suppose they'd get crushed up against the filter or something?)

  6. Actually, I thought the vacuum was a great idea. The spider did stay under the cup, in fact, he died there. When I lifted the cup and sucked him I saw him, so I knew he was still under there, and he looked very dead from the glance I got. We have a bagless vacuum, so when I sucked up that thumb drive I opened the container to pull it out but froze, because it was toughing the dead giant spider.

    But I liked that I didn't really have to get close to him to suck him up. I will totally use the vacuum again.

  7. See? The red plastic cup scared that spider to death! But I guess you didn't have to worry about it crawling out of the vacuum!

    I'm pretty sure they don't really crawl out!


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