Thursday, January 13, 2011

I've Got It! Let's Flap Over to the East Side of the Jungle. They've Always Got a Bit of Action, a Bit of a Swingin' Scene, All Right

Today we went to the zoo! We went early, which was awesome, because there was so few people which meant that all the zoo employees talked to us so we got the inside scoop of the animals. Like that the oldest Galapagos Tortoise is around one-hundred-seventy-five years old, and the baby is a girl and only ten years old.

After we were done with the tortoises, we walked along a back path. Coming around the corner I saw a zoo worker walking a beautiful golden retriever. Following behind her was another zoo employee, holding a leash. Her leash was attached to a creature I couldn't fully see, because it had no yet come around the corner, but I could tell it was HUGE. I watched it and my eyes nearly bugged out when it came into view.

"That is not a dog." I said aloud. The zoo workers chuckled and said "No, This one is a dog, but this one is an adult male Timberline Wolf. "

Out for a stroll. On a leash. Sniffing the ground just like any other dog. Right in front of me. I mean, RIGHT in front of me. The wolf came about a foot away from where we were standing. He sniffed Ash and then happily went on his merry way. I asked if I could pet him, but the zoo works said that the public can never touch the wolves.


  1. What do they mean, you can NEVER touch them? What about when you go do the meet and greet thing with the animals? If I can't poke a wolf I ain't going. It's not worth my $100 if all I get to do is sit there and look at it. I can do that on the freakin Internet.

    I know exactly what dog you're talking about though. That's their "ambassador" dog. There's information about it on the wolf enclosure at the park.

    Have I mentioned lately that I hate you and when California drops into the ocean you will totally deserve every cold and wet moment? So there.

  2. How do they know the age of the turtle? Does it have a birth certificate?


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