Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sparks are Igniting. Flames are Spreading. And the Capitol Wants Revenge.

A while back, I read a wonderful book called "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. I very much enjoyed the book and looked forward to reading the sequel: "Catching Fire" which wouldn't be released until September. I put it on hold at my local library and was surprised to find out that I was 153rd in line to read this book. Keep in mind this was MONTHS before the book was even released.

So you can imagine my surprise when I got an email from my local library on Friday telling me that "Catching Fire" was on hold for me. That was super fast. Either 153 people are super fast readers, or they ordered a lot of copies of this book. I'll go with the latter, since the library system is set up for my county which has about fifteen different libraries.

On Monday I went in to the Library to get this much coveted book. I found it on the hold shelves and was excited to see that it was in pristine condition. It looks like I am the very first person to read this copy. Glee!!

I took the book to the self-checkout and searched through my purse to find my library card. I searched, and searched, and searched. No card. Panic! I can't borrow someone else's card, this book is on hold for ME, no one else's card will work! I can't tell them I forgot my card, they don't let you forget your card at this library! What will I do? I HAVE to have this book today or it goes to the next person in line! If I have to wait for this book again I will be waiting for months! I let the next person in line go ahead of me and dump out my purse. My card is just not in my purse. I have no idea where my card could possibly be.

And then I had an idea. The self-checkout system asks for either your card, or your card number. Obviously, I have not memorized my library card number (I mean, come on. It took me almost a year of being married to Drek to memorize his cell phone number) and I do not have it written down anywhere, but...

I called Drek. I asked him to get on my laptop and go to the Library's website. I use the Library's website all the time to search for books and to place books on hold, so I think my library card number is saved on the log-in screen. It is!! Drek gives me the number over the phone and I am successfully logged in to the self check-out system! Huzzah!

I place the book on the scanner. The system hesitates. There is no magical bell-ringing-check-out-successful sound. Instead it tells me there is a security hold on my book. I try again. Same thing. I remove the book from the scanner, wait, and put it back on. Same thing. I try again, same thing. It seems the Library does not want this book to leave their shelves. I frown. I press a few buttons on the screen, place the book back on the scanner and hold my breath. Success! That magical bell-ringing-check-out-successful sound dings and the title goes green.

I walk out of the Library with my book. Bwhahahaha!! Now to devour the pages...

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