Friday, September 12, 2008


I am now hopelessly addicted to pita bread. So. Good.

My genius husband is amazing. He made $80 yesterday playing the stock market. He is so smart.

I run my first 5K tomorrow!! I am so excited I've been having racing dreams for the past two days!

My neice, Meg, is the smartest little girl in the world. She can already sign like a pro, and she already talks really well.

My nephew, Toby, is entirly adorable. He is also already very musical. He will be a genius musician/singer/conductor when he grows up.

Both my neice and my nephew are the cutest kids you will ever see (the only exception might be Ben's little sister, Rachel, when she was a baby. She was an adorable baby. Like, world's-cutest-baby-ever kind of adorable). If I get permission from their parents, I will post pictures.

I'm getting restless. Very restless.

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