Thursday, May 24, 2007

This week in review. . .

Monday was movie night. Drek finally got me to watch Sgt. bilko, which was so much better than I thought it was going to be.

Tuesday was Kratizling's good-bye party. We had a great time playing laser tag, and then went to Red Robin for a delicious dinner. Ah, Red Robin, so many memories.

Wednesday was the 2-hr season finale of LOST!!! And oh what a great finale it was. Drek and I went over to Kratizling's house for a delicious crab and shrip alfredo pizza and to watch the show together. We were joind by Panda and Bamboo, two newly adopted kitties. They were both darling, until Bamboo decided he wanted attention and would not stop meowing during the show.

Today is, of course, Pirate day. Drek and I have tickets to go see At World's End at 8:00 tonight. I am so excited. Arrr.

Friday I will be off to another city, where I will come back only breifly on Sunday, and then flee South to go on my first Canyoneering adventure. That will be on Monday.

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