Friday, May 25, 2007

You told me this would be a happy day.

How today was supposed to go:

Wake up, got to work, say good-bye to be bestest friend Kris, go home from work, go on vacation!!

But no.

Stayed up much to late because of the excitement of Pirates. it's very worth seeing by the way.

My little sister should be getting a letter from the public school system today, telling her if she has been exposed to a public school student with TB. If she has, she cannot go to EFY, she cannot go anywhere, and my niece will not be allowed over for a very long time.

Krisface is also stressed because her house is not "move ready." They are not leaving today, maybe.

I am at work, and my mother calls to say my dad is in the hospital. He has exploding appendix.

Not that I'm stressing or anything...


  1. Tony has to get the TB test too. If Angela has it, she can't do anything. If she doesn't she can do whatever. She'll be fine, no worries :) Besides, if Tony has it then our entire family is now infected (he had PE with the kid and I know his name now. Thanks Mom) So there.

  2. Oh also I have a new blog sort of. I will keep posting in my old one but this one is for my family :) Hee.


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