Friday, November 10, 2006

Fortune Cookies and The Killers

Yesterday was a wonderful day.
It was the first time in three weeks I was not terribly depressed, therefore, it was a simply fantastic day.
I've decided I love my job. The morning was spent reading books with Little Girl, discovering what a tree is (trunk, branches, leaves, and bingy-bongas) to be followed by making a tree. It was a lot of fun and Little Girl was so delighted with it that she wanted to lie down under it and take a nap.
After work I drove around to run some errands and three Killers songs came on in a row. This, I took as a sign.
I got hang out with Bradley for a little bit and he listened to me while I talked my head off.
I also got to talk with my cousin for a while. He's newly married (less than a month) and it's fun to hear him talk about his life.
Best of all I got to see Drek. He took me out to dinner and my fortune cookie said: Any trouble you have will pass very shortly." Which I'm taking to mean that my depression spell is finally over.
We then went over to a friend's house to watch "The Great Race" which is always hilarious.


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