Saturday, July 22, 2006

Just like the pioneers

Last night I attended a ward activity. The idea was to celebrate out pioneers (it is almost July 24) by holding a bonfire up the canyon and eating s'mores.
It turned out quite nicely, with a good talk and some great pioneer stories. The ice cream wasn't bad either.

After that it was spontaneously decided to ry a camping trip. We camped up at a place where you can't have a campfire, but we did have a laptop, an ipod, a camera and a butane stove. This was also in celebration of the pioneers.
We ended up watching three episodes of LOST on the laptop before the battery died. Just so you know, watching a show about being in the middle of nowhere while you ARE in the middle of nowhere, is all sorts of awsomesness.

Ah, the joy of last minute plans turning out better than you expected them to turn out.

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