Sunday, August 16, 2015

I'll imaginary-sleep when I'm imaginary-dead

It is the middle of August. We are suffering from a heat wave and every day there is heat advisory. I'm nine months pregnant and yesterday our air conditioning broke.

I'm having contractions. They are painful and irritating, but also erratic. I had these same contractions about 3 weeks before Alexa was born. I'm assuming I can look forward to three more weeks of this stuff before the baby finally decides to make an appearance.

I caught a cold from my calling in Nursery. Then I caught a secondary infection and have a horrible hacking cough.

Basically, I'm hating everything right now.


  1. Hang in there! No more church from now until baby comes!

  2. Oh potatoface. It must be really bad if you were actually using your air conditioner ;-) I'm so sorry. I love dew and I MISS DEW SO MUCH IT IS KILLING ME WITH LITERAL DEATH.

  3. Sorry you're hating everything! I'm excited for you to have the new baby! I'll have to go visit again soon!


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