Sunday, April 27, 2014

I've Hidden It. Somewhere You'll Never Find It. It's In That Pot, Isn't It?

The bad news is I have lost my wallet. The last time I saw it was ten days ago. Usually when I lose my phone or my wallet it's only missing for one or two days. Over a week means it's really, really lost.

The good news is that my house has never been so clean and organized. I have spent hour after hour looking for my wallet. I've thoroughly cleaned the playroom, the laundry room, the front closet, my closet, my bedroom, and the front room. I've moved furniture and vacuumed underneath, I've decluttered and donated two giant boxes to Goodwill. My house looks amazing.

The more good news is that I've found everything I have ever lost over the last three years, except my wallet. I put a baby carrier into storage a few years ago. After Alexa was born I went looking for it, never found it, and assumed I had given it away. Nope! I found it!  I got a book as a present and a few days later it went missing. I thought it had been taken to the Library by mistake. NOPE! Found it! The filters to the Nosafrida disappeared. I was about to order some new ones. No need! Found them! Ash's missing puzzle piece? Found! A missing generic die? Found! Alexa's spare teething toy? It was under the dresser!

I have learned several lessons form this excitement:

-Ash likes to hide things between the back of the couch and the cushions.
-Ash likes to hide things between her bed and wall
-Ash likes to hide thing UNDER drawers
-Apparently Ash likes to hide things. I think I need to keep a closer eye on her.
-I have way to much. I need to get rid of EVERYTHING
-I need a tracking device on my keys (which I have, thanks to Drek!) AND my wallet (which I will have, as soon as I find it and/or get a new one)

When I asked Ash if she knew where to find my wallet, she answered "It's with your phone." I showed her that I had my phone but not my wallet. "Then you need to lose your phone and when you find it, it will be with your wallet!"

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  1. Oh good luck! I've been missing my keys for over a week now. Sigh. I' pretty sure a small person hid them somewhere in the house.


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