Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's About to Get Very Cold In Here

I do not like to be cold. I order my water without ice. I'd rather have tap water than refrigerator water. I don't like Popsicles. I can only eat small amounts of ice cream.

I love leaving the car in the sun, and then getting in after the heat has been trapped inside; especially when I've been inside an air conditioned building. I can feel the cold being pulled from my skin. I love that feeling.

So it's not really a surprise that our house has not had air conditioning. I like the house being in the lower eighties. However, I do feel bad when we have guests over for dinner or games and everyone is sweating despite the windows being open and the fan running. I feel even worse when we have guests sleep over, and a tiny bedroom fan does little to keep them cool during the summer months, especially when they have to close the window at three in the morning because of those horrible roosters.

After a heat wave that send Sunland into record high temperatures, Drek decided it was time to get a repair guy out to see if he could fix the air conditioning unit. The guy was so overbooked it took him two weeks to finally come over, but he did, and within an hour he had our surprisingly efficient air conditioner up and running. Drek was at work at the the time, so I sent him a text:

Good News! The air conditioner works!
Bad News: I'm cold. Can I turn it off now?

At least we'll have it for guests.


  1. I might actually come visit you again now!

  2. I stayed at my sister's once and "froze" all night because she keeps her house at about 62 all winter long! It's funny how that hot car feels so good at first and then quickly overheats me, though.

    I think maybe you have some warm-climate blood in your genetics somewhere. K's best friend had Norwegian ancestors and he was wearing a light vest when everyone else was in parkas, and not even shivering.

    Just wait, you'll hit the M-phase someday and then you'll be warm all the time.


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